Amount of CO2e Eliminated
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Web Neutral Project

Did you know the Internet pollutes more than the entire aviation industry? Bet you didn't. That's why we at the Web Neutral Project aim to make the Internet a more sustainable place.

We offer the industry's most rigorous audit, calculation, and neutralization process that effectively eliminates your websites carbon footprint. 

What You Get
A sustainable Internet is the future. Not only does our certification make your website carbon neutral, it helps your bottom line.
It’s Good for Business
  • Increase your site's impressions, visits, and conversions

    Proudly flaunt the carbon neutrality of your website; increase visitor sessions and drive up sales and attention. 
  • Improve Website Efficiency 

    Slow websites lose engagement and sales - simple as that. Faster web pages = happier users, better conversions, and better SEO. We'll make your website faster than your competition.
  • Increase Website Traffic 

    Our certification is vetted by an array of prestigious third party institutions and organizations. This gives you an unmatched message of sustainability to promote on blogs, newsletters, and to the press. 
Sustainability Badge
Your website will be given a code snippet to place our recognized emblem anywhere you choose.

Clicking it will bring you to a custom web page, branded to your company, that explains the sustainable impact your site created.

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Every month you’ll receive an in-depth report on your site’s traffic analytics, how that effects your carbon output, along with updates on your carbon offset projects, and other important metrics.
Carbon Offset Portfolio
A portion of the neutralization process of your site’s carbon footprint consists of carbon offsets. By partnering with us, we open a carbon offset investment portfolio. You get to choose what sustainability projects you want your money going towards.
All of our carbon offset investments are registered with Gold Standard.
The Internet consumes more energy than Russia.
Why We Do it
Emissions standards have been set for the automotive, construction, and even telecommunications industries. Yet the Internet’s carbon footprint is growing out of control.
Check Our Sources
Easy flat rate pricing
One time installment fee
(Price varies depending on size of business)
Includes the following:
  • Web hosting and maintenance on 100% solar or wind powered servers (optional).
  • Carbon estimation with full-site code audit and network analysis.
  • Full website design audit and 5-10 page optimization overview PDF.
  • Carbon offset and Renewable Energy Credit project investment portfolio.  
  • Sustainability badge code snippet for website.
  • Monthly sustainability reports and analytics reports.
  • Marketing and promotional materials.
  • A first of its kind 100% carbon neutral and sustainable website.
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We will give you a preliminary website audit that will report the current Co2 output of your website with an A-F grade.

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We Offer the Industry's Only 100% On-Site 
Solar Powered Hosting Solutions.
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Environmental Impact So Far
According to the EPA, The Web Neutral Project has eliminated the production of:
Of CO2e
Thats equivalent to:
55,986 Miles
driven by a passenger vehicle.
2,646 Gallons
of gasoline consumed.
25,257 pounds
of coal burned.
barrels of oil consumed.
We're certified by and partnered with some of the best there is.
Knowledge Aid
Website Carbon Footprint Before:
123.3 lbs
of CO2e per month
Carbon Footprint now neutralized.
Find out how
Southern Poverty Law Center
Website Carbon Footprint Before:
214.95 lbs
of CO2e per month
Carbon Footprint now neutralized.
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Lab 300
Website Carbon Footprint Before:
218.1 lbs
of CO2e per month
Carbon Footprint now neutralized.
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Fun Fact
The energy it takes to send one tweet generates .02 grams of CO2.