Carbon Neutral Websites
Join us in the fight against climate change and get your website certified.
Did you know that if the internet were a country it would be the world’s third biggest polluter?

Why We Do It

While remaining largely hidden from sight, the Internet uses an enormous amount of energy and has quickly become a major source of carbon emissions. With no end to this growth in sight, we need to take action to curb these emissions.

The Internet now accounts for about 10% of global electricity consumption.
If the Internet were a country, it would be the sixth largest consumer of electricity on the planet behind Russia, Japan, China, India, and the US.
The Internet produces about 2 percent of global CO2 emissions annually—thats the same amount as the aviation industry.
The energy it takes to send one tweet generates .02 grams of CO2. About 500 million tweets are made daily. Do the math.


A sustainable Internet is the future. Our certification gives you a powerful message of sustainability with which to promote your own site on your blog, in your newsletter, or in the press.

Certification Badge and Web Page.
Your website will be given a code snippet to place our recognized badge anywhere you choose. 

Clicking the certification badge will bring you to a custom web page, branded to your company, that explains the sustainable impact your site created.

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Monthly Sustainability Reports
Every month you’ll receive an in-depth report on your site’s traffic analytics and how that effects your carbon output. 

You will also receive updates on your carbon offset investments and other important metrics.
Carbon Offset Portfolio
In order to fully neutralize your website’s carbon footprint, we open a carbon offset investment portfolio.

You get to choose and monitor what sustainability projects you want your money going towards around the world.
It's Great for Business
Increase your site's impressions, visits, and conversions driving up sales and attention.
Improve website efficiency and boost SEO. We'll make your website faster than your competition.
Increase website traffic by promoting our certification as a powerful eco-friendly message.
In 2014, US data centers consumed the equivalent of 6.4 million homes worth of electricity.


The Web Neutral Project has eliminated 210,840 pounds of CO2e. According to the EPA, That's equivalent to:

229,205 Miles
Driven by a passenger vehicle.
10,761 Gallons
Of gasoline consumed.
102,052 lbs
Of coal burned.
Barrels of oil consumed.