Tools to help further your digital sustainability activism.
Greenpeace: 2017 Click Clean Scorecard
Check the sustainability of any website of any company.
Are you clicking clean? Find out which of your favorite websites are powered by clean or dirty energy with Greenpeace's NEW (and free!) extension — and browse smarter today!
Petition: Help us create standards for green-web hosting.
Sign a petition to create standards for green hosting.
Let's work with the web hosting industry to devise standards for powering the Internet with renewable energy. If you care about the future of our planet and the use of renewable energy to power our networks, please sign this petition and join our community.
An educational website dedicated to raising awareness for the green web cause.
We are an international group of developers, designers, B Corps, business owners, data hosts, UX geeks and sustainability experts that care about the future of the world, the future of the web and—why not—the wideness of it all as well. We are a small but growing group of professionals who not only build the web but are also looking to make it greener. Much greener.
The Green Web
Automatically check the sustainability of a website with The Green Web add-on.
Would you like to see Alexa-style if the websites you visit are hosted green or grey? The Green Web add-on shows you the green (or not so green) status of a website with a simple grey or green smiley in the right edge of the address bar.

On searching with Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ecosia your search results will be automatically checked and a simple grey or green smiley on the left of the searchresult will show the result.
Earth Mode
Switch to Carbon-Neutral Browsing
Earth Mode tracks your online energy use: from browsing, to streaming, to updating your social status. 
By MightyBytes
A free tool that grades your websites on sustainability. It helps you find quick and easy ways to reduce consumption, eliminate waste and use less energy.
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Designing for Sustainability:
A Guide to Building Greener Digital Products and Services
By Tim Frick
You’ll discover how to provide users with a streamlined experience, while reducing the environmental impact of your products and services.
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