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Membership entitles your company to WNP's complete online assessment and certification program, including step-by-step certification guidelines, a customized webpage to promote your digital sustainability commitments, and the opportunity to display the interactive WNP badge on your website.

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Carbon Neutral 
Website Certification



Get Carbon Neutral Certified

Our certification is the web's most widely recognized symbol of digital sustainability. Having your website powered by 100% solar instantly gives you a powerful eco-friendly message with which to promote your own site on your blog, in your newsletter, or in the press.


Benefits That Make You a
Sustainability Leader.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

Using your website's analytics we will calculate your website's carbon footprint.

Certification Badge

Once you've completed the certification program you will be given our recognized certification badge to place anywhere on your site.

Certification Web Page

We design a customized web page that showcases your digital sustainability efforts, and the positive impact of your WNP certification. Your badge will link interested users to this page!

Powered by Solar

We offer the industry's only 100% on-site solar-powered servers. If you're happy with your current hosting then thats okay too.

Monthly Sustainability Reports

Each month we will deliver a sustainability report to your email. This report will cover website traffic data and how that affects your carbon emissions.

Markting Materials & Support

We'll provide you a press package to help you promote on blogs, newsletters, and to the press.

Web Design Audit

Slimming down your website is a big part of reducing your site's carbon footprint. We'll provide you with a customized report filled with design changes to help you.

Recognition as a Green Leader

By becoming WNP certified your website joins the forefront of the sustainability movement. We ensure all WNP certified clients receive their much deserved recognition as sustainability innovators.

Solar-Powered Hosting Solutions starting at $10/month