Is Web Neutral Project a hosting company?

Yes! By partnering with Aiso.net we offer the industry's only 100% solar-powered hosting solutions. No green credits here. Our data centers are powered, cooled, and maintained by solar, wind, and hydro powered electricity.

If I already have a "green host," do I need Web Neutral Project Certification?

Yes! A green host can account for up to 20% of your site’s emissions, however there are other emissions from network infrastructure and user devices. Our certification takes tangible steps to decrease the size of your website and invest in the proper carbon offsets to effectively neutralize your website.

Also, not all green hosts are created equally. Many “green hosts” are still powered by fossil fuels and simply buy carbon offsets or renewable energy credits to account for their emissions. Our green hosting solutions are 100% powered by renewable energy by on-site solar panels, meaning no emissions result from hosting your site.

How does Web Neutral Project calculate footprints?

WNP combines your site’s design, user statistics, and technical research to calculate your site’s footprint. For more info on our calculation look at our process.

How do websites contribute to carbon emissions?

Every time a user accesses your website, data is transferred from your host, over the network infrastructure, to the user’s device. Transferring this data requires energy, which in turn results in carbon emissions. Learn more here.

Does the carbon footprint of a website really matter?

Of course it does! While the carbon emissions of a website are hidden from view, the Internet accounts for a significant portion of global electricity consumption. With fossil fuels being the predominant source of global electricity generation, it is easy to see how the Internet’s carbon footprint is a serious issue. Certifying your site is a concrete, measurable way to address climate change personally by investing in renewable energy and carbon offsets.

How do you make a website more energy-efficient?

In summary, we calculate everything, migrate to solar-powered hosting, reduce what we can, and offset the rest. If you'd like a more detailed look into how we do it, give the our How it Works page a look!

How do you boost a websites SEO?

Part of our certification process consists of helping you optimize your site making it lighter and faster. These are two categories that are included in Google's search ranking SEO algorithm.

What if I don't want to switch my hosting but still want to be certified?

Although we strongly advise you to switch to a green host as its the single largest way to reduce your websites carbon footprint, we can still certify your website.

Why are you a for-profit business and not a non-profit organization?

The Web Neutral Project is a hybrid for-profit, for-purpose social enterprise. We believe that by fusing elements of both a cause driven organization and a profit seeking company is the best way for us to grow and make the largest impact possible. This allows us to operate without the traditional restraints non-profit organizations face such as having to seek donations, grants, and membership fees. We go out of our way to establish ourselves as a cause driven company. We are a pending B Corp certified company, we are an EPA Green Power partner, and a participant in the United Nations Global Compact.


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